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for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney nd i approve this message. >> the first washington area trouble after a crash early this morning. you can see it happened on the of the beltway near college park. all lanes are open now. cause of the crash remains under investigation. authorities investigating explosions that happens at home in two homes ing and stafford county. by a pipe damaged yesterday exploded morning. e on normandie avenue in was so powerful that it shattered windows and blew a small hole in the roof. >> i heard a loud bang, kind of crack sound and we knew it was not a transformer. >> none of the occupants in any of the homes were injured. stafford county sheriff's appears all three cases are linked. investigation is underway and there's a press conference at s afternoon. >> the search continues for the the bounty.ain of in his country days since the ship sank off the hatteras in north carolina. guard used to develop a helicopter to rescue 14 crewmembers from life rafts taking onship started but another crew members recovere
then the swing states won't matter, if romney wins the popular vote byhree or four poin then he is going to manage to win enough of the swing states. >> rose: let's be clear though if romney wins the popular vote by four or five points, then he will also win enough of the swing states to win the election because the premise being that the swing states won't be that much different from -- >> ohio is a swing state for a reason in that it resemitbls united states, microsome, microcosm, urban areas, you could have a case where romney wins the popular vote by one point and obama wins high row in iowa by one point that is possible, maybe one or two-point shift, but there is hmm no way to look at the history of this country or try to do the more complex things i do mathematical models of it, very unlikely to have win the popular by four or five point and lose the electorial poll. >> rose: why go the polls show romney winning the national vote and not winning the majority of swing states? >> well i should say gallup is something of an exception, if you look at the average of polls, for example,
if romney does somehow win nationally by four or five points which is what they believe in the end, then not only will they win the battlegrounds, they will win one, two, maybe three of those leaning states we talked about. throw in oregon. but if this is the one-point race it's a different ball game and those three states probably stay in the leaning column. mitt romney tries to get back in campaign mode today. kicks off his final push to election day. a string of campaign events in a state that they believe is already leaning in their kcolum, the state of florida. peter alexander joins us. all right, peter, how is the campaign reacting to all of these state polls in the last 24 hours particularly in the critical battleground states which show -- don't show the momentum story that they believe they had a week ago? >> reporter: yeah, chuck, you're right. i spoke to two top advisers with the romney campaign about that very fact and they say they're not so focused on these polls as they are about the actual numbers, the early voting numbers that they say shows the matching or exceedi
talking about obama-romney. and her four-year-old finally had enough. >> i'm tired of bronco bamma and mitt romney. >> that's why you're crying? oh, it will be over soon abbie okay? the election will be over soon, okay? >> okay. >> oh. >> cenk: that pretty much summarizes the whole country's feelings about this election. and who didn't love the new name, bronco bamma. by the way, how bad ass is that? it's so much better if that's his name--bronco bamma. they have been piling the elbows on this four-year-old during the whole campaign making her listen to bronco bamma and romney, well finally she gets to speak to all of us and puts them in the ring--here comes abigael evans. she has had enough of you. she has had enough. all right look, one more funny part to this story. npr host mark memmott went and apologized to her. he said, we've been running this thing so much, but actually the real people who should apologize are the guys who make the ads. my god especially if you live in a swing states like colorado where she does. ad after ad after ad, abigael, we hear you. we feel your
that last week, their polls showed mitt romney up four to five points in ohio. by monday, mitt romney was leading president obama in these ohio republican internal polls by just one point. they've seen his numbers go down. the obama campaign tells me that he's consistently led two to four points in their internal polling. you might say it's spin, but these two campaigns are seeing very different data. >> do you trust these people that are giving you these numbers? are they just giving you numbers, or do you really believe them? which of these people are the most credible when it comes to numbers when you match them up against other evidence? >> one of the things that the romney campaign was suggesting, just about an hour ago on a conference call that they had, the romney pollster, neil newhouse, was saying that he doesn't buy some of these national polls, because he was just pointing out that the quinnipiac "new york times" poll, and said that was weighted more heavily toward registered voters than likely voters and thought that it sort of overshowed a little bit of enthusiasm for dem
closer than the president won four years ago i think the momentum is with romney and the obama people are not just spinning when they say, look, out of that first debate in denver he doesn't have momentum where he overwhelmed us he brought home the base be does president's in number has not chanced by any means but pretty pistol hid and that means governor romney has upward momentum or has had it, maybe that has stalled we don't really though but the president does not have bad momentum he is not collapsing in any way, i think that the momentum in this race can has always been difficult to pull off because we have so many people decided, whatever you think the model is accurate, whatever model you think accurately decide how many persuadable voters there are, it is a small must be so momentums is measures in ins tens of thousands rather than a mass swing. >> rose: do the republicans in this race more enthuse wraferk than the democrats? >> i think they are, if you look, you read all of the polling data in a sophisticated way, and you go out in the country and go to events, i don't thin
for president obama last time but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> the wizards openers season tonight in cleveland, they play hard but came up short against the cavaliers. the cavaliers had their warily. the former dukes' star had 29 points. the wizards when on a 16-0 run in the fourth. look at this. bingo, the wizards first lead of the game. but cleveland took over again in the stretch. he goes over to tomand thompson. the redskins were at the halfway point of the season with a 3-5 record. despite unbelievably long injury list rj has the attention of the nation. he has more rushes than any other and converts and an incredibly high rate. so how does the head coach evaluate his rickie? -- his rookiez? -- his rookie? >> he is one of the top passers one of the top rushers offensively doing some good things -- when you have a quarterback with the ability that he has in heavy turnover ratio and have the charisma and the ability to focus week in and we get come it does not matter if it is home more way, he will give you his best sh
for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> a week to go until election day, president obama staying off the campaign trail to deal with the aftermath of hurricane sandy. the president will be in new jersey tomorrow to tour damaged areas. earlier today he stopped by red cross headquarters in northwest d.c. the president said the federal government will respond quickly to state and local needs. >> there's no excuse for inaction at this point. i want every agency to lean forward and make sure we are getting the resources where they're needed as quickly as possible. >> the president praised the efforts of the first responders. the president is expected to resume campaigning later in the week. republican presidential nominee mitt romney also did not campaign today, but he did spend time in the battleground state of ohio. he made several stops in the state collecting relief supplies for hurricane victims. >> it's part of the american spirit, the american way, to give to people who are in need. we have a lot
n will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more yes. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> this is "world news." tonight, race against time. entire towns submerged in water, sand and now fire. the national guard saving families. thousands still stranded tonight. and why they have to listen to this dangerous hissing sound. a sound that could lead to this. >>> water worry. our dr. richard besser tests the water all around millions of people in the storm zone and the worrying results are in. >>> countdown. to another race. the election, days away. how has this storm changed the campaign? >>> and, life lessons from the storm. what this man did with his cell phone that helped give birth to his baby. and how this officer saved his family before he died. >>> good evening. and tonight, we have breaking news from the storm zone. look at this. new scenes of utter devastation. thousands of people still stranded and at this hour, rescuers still scrambling to pull families out of harm's way. also tonight, a new terror. can you
away brothers and roger did the same for romney. >> i don't think personally that after four years of watching this president that it should change anybody's mind in four days on four years of failure. >> very difficult. >> reporter: here's one republican mind that seems to have changed at least for now, governor christie. >> i want to thank the president personally for his personal attention. >> reporter: president obama will be with christie in new jersey tomorrow and sandy and canada. what is means to the election decembstined to be a november surprise. >> thank you, bill. and thank you for watching abc news, "gma" will have the lates
. >> reporter: it's not just the candidate who will be getting that emergency out. the romney campaign announced they are kicking off a four-day tour and giving out 100 surrogates. this is a last-minute campaign blitz. some of the names include former secretary of state condoleezza rice as well as john mccain. >> thank you. we will see you tomorrow. >>> we've shown you the pictures of oat heat -- ocean city during sandy. >> it's known for the annual clam bake at summers cove. emergency workers are responding to calls at one of the hardest hit areas in maryland. governor o'malley visited crisfield today. he promised the mayor and people living there that the state would dedicate all of its resources. >> what we will do is make sure we bring the human services together. whatever dollars the federal government makes available to get people back in their homes has quickly as possible. >> reporter: about 60 people were evacuated because of severe winds and flooding. the soil is so saturated, there's standing water almost everywhere you look from large chunks of wood though dangerous wood planks. the
to have you here. as we look at the latest polling out of pennsylvania showing mitt romney within striking distance, just four points separating the two candidates, 49% to 45%, so within the margin of error here, a $1.2 million pennsylvania ad by the romney camp, should the president be concerned? >> well, you're always concerned in elections. when i ran for election as mayor, i got 81% of the vote, i was concerned. that's number one. but number two, this is a sign that the romney folks know that ohio is gone and the only path to the electoral map is to expand it and get a pennsylvania or a minnesota or a michigan. and so it's really a hail mary pass. the polls are between four and six and you don't make that up in a week of television. if mitt romney had started in pennsylvania right after his first debate with that great performance, it might have made a race here, but it's too late. they have got a lot of money so they have got no reason not to low the hail mary pass but it's not going to make a difference here. i believe it is a sign of real desperation that they concluded that they ca
: four pinocchios. there is another issue that's hot out there which is,. course, mitt romney and women. you have been doing research on that. >> we've been doing stuff on this. romney has no doubt about it. shayed down obama's big margin. he was double digits even a week ago. i think there are suggestions maybe it is not as bad as people think. he has reduced it and you have some very big groups out there. i talked to nancy keenan, sandra fluke here in the bay area yesterday. they're out there reminding women on this and nancy keenan's group has looked at what they call the obama defectors five million potential women who are going to vote for him in 2008 and may cross over to romney. look, when romney has out there norm coleman -- >> jennifer: let's talk about that. norm coleman. this is a quote -- norm coleman is a top romney surrogate. former minnesota senator. he went and told a group of ohio voters president bush was president eight years. roe v. wade wasn't reversed. he had two supreme court picks. roe
last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> earlier in our broadcast, we had a report from jim rosenfield in bingesburg, new jersey. much of the jersey shore was destroyed. fired fueled by natural gas destroyed more than a dozen homes on that island town. sand and debris are covering the roads and firefighters cannot get close enough to battle the flames. emergency management officials say the houses were destroyed two days ago when sandy hit and those fired flared up again last night. >>> president obama saw firsthand what it would take to restore the hundreds of miles of shoreline devastation in new jersey. jay gray is live in toms river, new jersey, with a new look at the damage there. jay? >> reporter: it's a mess that hundreds of thousands are trying to work through along the atlantic sea board. you can see the checkpoints here. only emergency personnel getting across this bridge, because there's so much devastation. it's the start to what is sure to be a long and difficult recovery process. the images ar
four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> 13 before the hour. flooding may be responsible for much of the damage sandy caused in new york city, but the storm also sparked this massive fire in queens. >> winds fanned the flames which gutted at least 80 homes in the town of breezy point. katherine creig from our sister station wnbc is live with more. katherine, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, aaron and eun. there is so much going on in new york city. transit, utility workers around the clock during their jobs. also, the grim situation in that area, in that tight knit community called breezy point, queens. the people there have a good time during the summer. these are beachfront homes, cottages. 80 to 100 homes burned to the ground. nothing is left. what's believed to have happened is a transformer fire, and the winds carried the flames from house to house to house. when all was said and done, so many homes were gone. people are devastated. they returned to their homes because, if you can imagine, a lot of people before hurricane s
the national telegraph newspaper that backed him four years ago endorsed romney today. >> on the romney press bus as we roll toward evening rally in jacksonville. romney campaign held teleconference with reporters this afternoon and said winning is possible, though not certain. they said they are exactly where they would hope to be in the final week of the campaign, with the battleground state of the polls virtually tied. they point out when it comes to favorability, romney is ahead of president obama. bret? >> bret: technology, carl cameron, rolling on the bus. carl, thank you. ♪ ♪ >> bret: this is a fox news alert. late breaking details in the ongoing scandal on the attack of the u.s. consulate on benghazi, libya, that killed the u.s. ambassador and three others there. fox news obtained a new document that sheds new light on the days before that attack. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live at the white house with the latest. >> good evening, bret. this is a cable sent to secretary of state clinton's office at the state department showing that there was emergency meeting on a
warren pulling away from republican incumbent scott brown 53% to 46%. last month only a four point difference separated the two. fact checkers are calling out the romney campaign for a new ad implying that the obama administration's overseeing the outsourcing of autoworkers jobs. >> obama took gm and chrysler into bankruptcy and sold chrysler to italians who will build jeeps in china. >> not so bad says the ceo of chrysler issuing a statement reaching jeep production whether not be moved from the united states to china, it is inaccurate to suggest anything different. today president obama tours the storm devastation in atlantic city and vice president biden makes two campaign stops in florida. mr. romney will also be in florida as he makes three stops. paul ryan will spend the day campaigning in his home state of wisconsin. let's get back to sandy, because two of the three major airports serving the new york area, kennedy and newark, they'll start to reopen with limited service later this morning, but the super storm created a worldwide ripple effect. many are still stranded overse
something president obama and governor romney barely mentioned in their debates -- banking reform. it's four years since the econoc meltdown knocked america and the world to our knees, four years since that massive taxpayer bailout. but if you listened do te candidates, the enormity and severity of thise ontinuing crisis hardly merit barack obama pledges change but touts dodd-frank, a bulky, watered-down version of financial reform that scarcely makes a ripple in the vast sea of corruption and abuse. mitt romn campaigns as the banker's pal and says he'll make dodd- frank disappear altogether. c if you're appalled by this, so is the man who held the thankless job special alspector general in charge of p policing tarp, the bailout's troubled asset relief plan. before he signed on, neil barofsky was a feral prosecutor in newa ork chasing white-collar criminals and drug lords. n he busted 50 members of a columbian guerrilla group deeply inolved in narcotics trafficking. at tarp, he was assigned tool ferret out waste, fraud and abuse. the banks didn't make it easy, and neither did the u
cain by 15 points in early voting, in 2012 it's romney that's now running ahead by an impress impressiven points. 52% of the ballots have been cast in romney's favor. it's an eight point swing, by the way, in only four weeks. with all of those numbers in mind it's not surprising that the bi-partisan battleground model predicts romney as the winner in tuesday's election. will these numbers prove to be true? here to continue our debate is fox news political analyst. she's having a panicack, juan williams, and from the five, dana puert dana perino is. it's just aut a momentum. i got a feeling in 2008, you could just tell it wasn't going to go senator mccain's way. >> i think there's a lot of truth to that. there's a mood difference in 2008. republicans for good reason thought they weren't going to win that election. everything was going against them. in 2012 there's a much different feeling across the country. if you look at the crowds that romney and ryan were able to gather this past weekend, actually republicans believe they can win this time. i think it will probably be a little bit clos
in romney's favor. it's an eight point swing, by the way, in only four weeks. with all of those numbers in mind it's not surprising that the bi-partisan battleground model predicts romney as the winner in tuesday's election. will these numbers prove to be true? here to continue our debate is fox news political analyst. she's having a panic attack, juan williams, and from the five, dana puert dana perino is. it's just aut a momentum. i got a feeling in 2008, you could just tell it wasn't going to go senator mccain's way. >> i think there's a lot of truth to that. there's a mood difference in 2008. republicans for good reason thought they weren't going to win that election. everything was going against them. in 2012 there's a much different feeling across the country. if you look at the crowds that romney and ryan were able to gather this past weekend, actually republicans believe they can win this time. i think it will probably be a little bit closer than that, romney wins by a when i say kerr, but some of the states that were strong obama like minnesota that are now in the lean obama co
what you did and didn't learn. you've watched the four debates now. do you have any idea of how rn governor romney would manage to cu income tax rates by 20% without increasing the deficit? or which tax deductions he would eliminate? or specifically, how he's going to create the 12 million j is he's promised? or what barack obama's going to do in his second term? do you have any sense of that? >> well, in the case of the 12 million jobs, as we know, you don't have to do anything and you'll get 12 million jobs. any number of economists and moody's analytics have predicted that simply by keeping present policies in place, 12 million jobs will be created over that period.s so it's not much of a boast. as for the tax policy, my guess is that he doesn't know and he is just saying this.s. he has said he wants to cut taxes -- rates by 20%. and i believe he does and would. but when you ask him why that won't be a $5 trillion increase in the deficit, he says -- and i ove the third person, "if mitt romney says there won't be an increase in the deficit, there won't be. that's why and how." >>
presidency four years ago into an endorsement of a romney presidency now? by magical thinking. by adopting mitt romney's magical thinking. after saying, quote, the president's best efforts to resuscitate the stumbling economy have fallen short, the editorial then says that the problem with the economy is the consumers have to feel more confident. and without giving a single shred of evidence as to why consumers would feel more confident with a romney presidency, the editorial board simply believes it will happen. that's it. it will happen like magic. consumers must feel more confident about their own economic futures to begin spending on the products and services that power the economy. a renewed sense of confidence will spark renewed investment by american companies. industry will return to full production and hiring will begin again." that is the entire case for romney. pure magical thinking that the very sight of mitt romney taking the oath of office will suddenly make consumers run out to best buy and load up on tvs made in japan. "the des moines register's" endorsement of romney is on
something for you. in this case you includes former massachusetts governor mitt romney. a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. the president canceled all campaign events today and tomorrow. his opponent, mitt romney, said he was canceling all campaign events. this one did stay on the schedule. romney/ryan victory rally. dayton, ohio, october 30th. this was the traveling press pass handed out for the romney event today. it was tweeted out by reporter ari shapiro. the event had previously been planned as a campaign rally. they kept it in the same place as the rally. they kept the event at the same time as the romney. mr. romney appeared with the same celebrity endorsers scheduled for rally and led with the vote for mitt romney biographical video that they play to start their campaign rallies. because they wanted credit
although minnesota is closer than people think it's probably not going romney's way. >> nate, let's talk about ohio. the sort of premier swing state. you have made the point of a state filled with white working class voters and elsewhere turned on obama in four years and if they had in ohio like they have elsewhere this would be a pretty easy romney feat and obama's ahead by a few points and been a consistent leap. i want to run a number that jumped out at me from the cbs/"the new york times" poll. in this poll, they asked ohio, florida and virginia voters do you think things in your state, the economic conditions in your state are getting better, worse or staying the same? you look at florida, 37-25 better. virginia 39-19 better. ohio, you have the unemployment rate lower than the national average. 52% better, 17% worse. pretty big difference there. is this just a case where the economic conditions in a particular state are kind of overriding national factors? >> i think that's possible. certainly the case of the state economy stronger than elsewhere and the auto bailout is a tangible e
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 103 (some duplicates have been removed)